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SA’s giant new sub-sea cable is here

The 14 000km West African Cable System (Wacs), the first new sub-sea telecommunications cable along Africa’s west coast since Sat-3 was launched 11 years ago, will be launched officially in about a month’s time. Angus Hay, co-chair of the Wacs management committee and chief technology officer at Neotel, says

New sub-sea cables to drive down broadband prices

Consumers can look forward to even cheaper broadband prices, with many new undersea cables set to come online within the next 18 months. It is unclear how much of a decrease is likely, but talk in the industry is of a 10% to 20% drop in local prices

Yet another submarine cable headed SA’s way

Details are emerging of plans for the construction of yet another high-capacity submarine telecommunications cable to serve the African continent. The Wasace cable, which will connect Africa, including SA, with South America, North America and Europe, and which will cost

Ace cable makes progress

The US$700m Africa Coast to Europe (Ace) project to lay a high-capacity, 5,1Tbit/s submarine cable between France and SA is making good progress, with news late this week that the system has landed in Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa. The cable, which is co-owned by

New telecoms player to invest billions in fibre

SA is getting a new, corporate-focused telecommunications operator and Internet service provider. The company, OnedotCom, which is part of the same group that is supporting the construction of a R1,2bn fibre-optic communications

Duncan McLeod
Broadband bonanza

SA and Africa have never had it so good. Almost every month brings news of some or other big broadband project. The latest, a plan to build a high-capacity cable between Brazil, SA and Angola, will bring terabits of new

Wacs cable comes ashore (pictures)

The first submarine fibre system to serve SA along Africa’s west coast in nine years came ashore at Yzerfontein, north of Cape Town, on Tuesday morning. The 14 000km-long West African Cable System (Wacs), with a design capacity

SA may lose undersea cable

Doubts have been cast over whether France Telecom’s Africa Coast to Europe (Ace) undersea cable will make it as far south as SA. Latest talk is that the cable, which