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Alistair Fairweather
Amazon’s Fire Phone a frightful flop

The smartphone industry may produce gleaming marvels of modern technology, but it is also ruled by the law of the jungle. Amazon has learned this the hard way. Its Fire Phone range, unveiled to such fanfare in June, has been completely mauled by

Kalahari, Takealot to merge

Two of South Africa’s largest online retailers – and longstanding adversaries – have agreed to merge., owned by JSE-listed media and e-commerce group Naspers, will be folded into, the e-retailer that recently secured US$100m from investment firm

Alistair Fairweather
Videogames, the new spectator sport

If you’d told most people in 1994 that in 2014 there would be a website dedicated to watching other people play videogames, they would have laughed at you. And yet on Friday, Amazon concluded a deal to buy Twitch, an electronic sports broadcaster, for nearly

Editor's pick
Videogames: the new spectator sport

As the UK’s largest gaming festival, Insomnia, wrapped up its latest event on 25 August, I watched a short piece of BBC Breakfast news reporting from the festival. The reporter and some of the interviewees appeared baffled at the huge popularity of “videogame livestreaming”, otherwise

Alistair Fairweather
Amazon e-books dispute turns ugly

Publishing books seems like a noble and romantic business. You might imagine publishers in waistcoats, discovering new authors, delivering knowledge and enjoyment to the world, and wearing little glasses at the ends of their noses. Alas, there is nothing noble or romantic about Hachette’s dispute with Amazon. For more than six months Hachette

Alistair Fairweather
Amazon misfires with the Fire Phone

Amazon is not a consumer electronics company. Yes, the e-commerce giant has sold tens of millions of its own devices to customers. And yes, it has just launched a smart phone, but measuring Amazon by Samsung’s or Apple’s standards overlooks the most important thing about its business. When Amazon

Alistair Fairweather
China’s Alibaba slinks onto US shores

As Internet access spread across the globe, a handful of giant American corporations ended up dominating industries. Google in search, Amazon in online shopping and Facebook in social networking. The one market that has proved consistently immune to these titans is China. Now, one of China’s homegrown Internet giants

Dirk de Vos
Vodacom asking for a hiding in m-commerce

TechCentral’s recent interview with Herman Singh, Commerce is mobile’s fourth wave, is interesting coming in the same week that his employer, Vodacom, was part of a court action to preserve its unreasonably high mobile termination rights arrangement. Vodacom, along with MTN, threw everything it had into

International Newsmakers of 2013

As is customary at this time of the year, TechCentral is pleased to present its lists of who it considers the biggest technology newsmakers over the past 12 months, both internationally and in South Africa. We kick it off, as always, with the five people the publication’s editors believe

Alistair Fairweather
Prime time, all the time

It’s not much to look at — sleek, black and about the size of two decks of cards – but this little box may represent the greatest threat the television industry has faced. A large part of this threat is explained by the logo embossed discreetly on the top of the box – a stylised apple missing a single bite

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