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E-book publishing: a too-cosy world?

The price-fixing complaint that America’s department of justice filed last week against Apple and five of the world’s “Big Six” book publishers has a triumphalist tone, describing secret meetings in “upscale Manhattan restaurants”. But it seems to take a rather narrow view of what is going on in the e-book industry. Until two years

Inside the brain of Jeff Bezos

Inside a remote mountain in Texas, a gargantuan clock is being pieced together, capable of telling the time for the next 10 000 years. Once the clock is finished, people willing to make the difficult trek will be able to visit the vast chamber housing it, along with displays marking various anniversaries of its operation

SA banks’ NFC trials ‘farcical’

Well-known entrepreneur and investor and former Google SA boss Stafford Masie believes near-field communication (NFC) technology will fail as a mainstream transactional platform and local banks’ attempts to implement systems based on it are “farcical” and offer “no value”. NFC is a set of standards that

Alistair Fairweather
Consumers the winners in 2011’s tech wars

It has been a lively year for technology, despite the bad state of the world’s economy. Technology is now so intrinsic to both business and personal life that it might appear recession-proof. But this high-level view masks the Darwinian ferocity of the battles raging between the tech titans. The year 2011 will be remembered as

International newsmakers of the year

It’s customary at this time of the year for TechCentral to publish its lists of who it considers the newsmakers of the year, both internationally and in SA. We kick off, as always, with the five people we thought were the biggest newsmakers in the technology space in 2011 worldwide

Gadgets & Reviews
Kindle Fire review: a board abroad

Online retailer’s Kindle Fire isn’t really a Kindle at all. It’s a 7-inch tablet designed to be a media consumption tool and little else. Arguably, this is what most people use any tablet for and it’s why, in the US at least, the fact that it also costs less than most

Amazon unleashes a Fire storm on Apple

With the announcement of the Kindle Fire on Wednesday, hasn’t just entered the tablet market aggressively: it may be about to change it fundamentally. The product is groundbreaking because it deftly addresses the two most pressing issues for

Craig Wilson
Amazon’s Fire tablet: making Cupertino sweat

On Wednesday, US online retail giant Amazon will launch its first tablet computer, the Google Android-powered device that technology site TechCrunch reckons will be called the Kindle Fire. With dozens of tablets in the market already, the obvious question is

Duncan McLeod
The sky’s not the limit

The rules airlines impose on the use of electronic gadgetry on their aircraft are incoherent and in many cases downright silly. It is time the industry applied consistent guidelines on the use of cellphones, e-readers and tablets on their flights. I’ve been travelling extensively around

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