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It’s all Apple in the latest episode of TalkCentral. Your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg unpack the big keynote, ask whether Apple was right to introduce bigger-screen iPhones, and look at the company’s new Watch

Apple’s September 2014 keynote was highly anticipated and #applelive supplanted #indyref, #Ukraine and #ISIS from the Twitter trending leaderboard. A huge part of the hype surrounding it was Tim Cook’s announcement that Apple would be launching an entirely new gizmo

People interested in tracking their health, physical activity levels and body functions can now choose from a plethora of sensor-embedded digital gadgets to monitor and measure their bodies. But the big question for many users is how their personal health and medical data are used. The Apple Watch

It’s a new era in Cupertino. Apple’s smartwatch, announced yesterday by CEO Tim Cook, represents a marked shift in strategy for a company over which founder and former CEO Steve Jobs still casts a big shadow. Apple’s two new smartphones

Apple has finally got the “big” religion. America’s biggest smartphone maker on Tuesday unveiled two new and larger-screen iPhones at a glitzy launch event in San Francisco. The event, which was one of the most anticipated in recent years

Apple on Tuesday unveiled a platform it says will allow people to ditch their wallets and use their smartphones — iPhones, of course — to make card payments. If it sounds familiar to South Africans, that’s because local start-ups such as FlickPay, SnapScan

Apple last night made its first move into the already crowded wearable computing space, taking the wraps off Apple Watch, a smart wristwatch that CEO Tim Cook breathlessly declared on a stage in San Francisco will “redefine what people