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Duncan McLeod
At Telkom, Maseko takes the tiger’s tail

Sipho Maseko is a really nice guy – which makes me want to pity him over the challenge he’s taken on at Telkom. Some would say accepting the group CEO position at South Africa’s biggest fixed-line operator is like grabbing a tiger by its tail. Sooner rather than later, you get eaten

De Faria takes Airtel top job

Former MTN group chief commercial officer Christian de Faria has been appointed as the new CEO of Bharti Airtel in Africa. De Faria “retired” from MTN in January after six years with the telecommunications group. According to a report in India’s

MultiChoice in Botswana competition probe

Pay-television operator MultiChoice is facing an investigation by Botswana’s Competition Authority over whether its prices and the way it structures its channels amounts to anticompetitive behaviour. According to a report, the decision to launch the probe follows a complaint laid by a member of the

Fifth cable to double Kenyan capacity

A planned fifth undersea fibre-optic cable for Kenya will double the East African nation’s Internet capacity to more than 15Tbit/s from its current capacity of 8,6Tbit/s. However, it appears unlikely the new capacity will prompt the rapid price reductions many

Airtel passes 60m active users

Indian telecommunications company Bharti Airtel says it now has more than 60m active users in Africa. It added 10m subscribers in less than 12 months and says this growth has helped make it the fourth largest mobile operator worldwide and Airtel one of the largest players in Africa. The company

Zim second in ITU growth rankings

United Nations agency, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), has ranked Zimbabwe second in the “most dynamic country” category of its latest measurements of ICT development. This development is measured using the ITU’s ICT Development Index

Kenyan gov’t embraces open source

The Kenyan government is ditching proprietary software in favour of free and open-source software alternatives in a move it hopes will save it money. According to a report in Business Daily, the migration away from proprietary systems will related costs go down by 20% initially but by as much as 80% within three

Cellphone towers attacked in Nigeria

A radical Islamist sect that has attacked mosques, churches, schools and government buildings at will in Nigeria appears to have added a new target for its violence: mobile phone towers. Attacks in the last day have damaged more than 30 towers operated by all the major providers in the country, further

Inside India’s huge telecoms scandal

As scandals go, it is a corker. It involves secret recordings of lobbyists talking to tycoons about ministers, fraudulent documents, unrelated firms that share the same e-mail address, clueless foreigners piling into a vast market, bank drafts with dates that make no sense, PR flacks taped schmoozing

How Africa’s operators can survive the big squeeze

With competitive pressures increasing, voice markets maturing and price wars becoming more prevalent, telecommunications operators in Africa have to improve their efficiencies, cut costs and find new areas in which to grow, especially if they don’t want to be