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One of MTN’s very first employees, Karel Pienaar, who has been with the telecommunications group for more than two decades and who was instrumental in the founding of the business, is stepping down. Pienaar was most recently group

There is a certain Darwinian poetry in the fact that Cable & Wireless Worldwide, a remnant of a once mighty telecommunications empire based on telegraph wires and established in the 1850s, looks set to be eaten up by Vodafone, a contemporary telecoms industry giant born only in 1985. Even as late as 1999, C&W (CWW’s predecessor

MTN SA MD Karel Pienaar is a smiling but imposing figure whose name commands respect in the halls of the company’s gleaming 14th Avenue head office in Fairlands, Johannesburg. Impossible as it sounds, having been part of MTN’s bid for a licence in SA, technically the

Telkom has an uphill battle ahead of it when it comes to unbundling the local loop. However, a company with a great deal of experience in what the process entails, BT Group (formally British Telecom), says the SA fixed-line incumbent is