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Technology “accelerator” Sw7 has announced plans to open an “innovation hub” and co-working space in Johannesburg. The @Sw7 Workspace will be the first such space to open in the north of the city, according to its backers. @Sw7 Workspace will offer

The Founder Institute, an early stage start-up accelerator with a presence in 35 countries, is coming to South Africa. The first 15-week programme will commence on 28 May in Johannesburg and the organisers hope to attract 30 to 40 participants. Started by Adeo Ressi in

If you pick up any tech magazine or read any technology news website you’ll see reams of content about “the cloud”. But is cloud computing really “the next big thing”? Is there enough substance to differentiate it from existing hosted offerings to warrant the hype? Is cloud a natural evolution in the IT

If the crew of the first Shuttle arriving in space bumped into some Martians, and assuming the crews were predominantly male, talk would quickly turn to comparing rocket sizes and the specifications and relative performances of their craft. If the Martians asked the embarrassing question

One of the country’s leading business intelligence software companies, Harvey Jones, has been forced into a dramatic restructuring after its UK parent, London-listed Avisen, refocused its business. It’s understood that Harvey Jones, which had employed about 30 people, has been forced to reduce its headcount dramatically. Now MD Keith Jones is leading a management buyout of the local company but he says he is unable to comment until the deal is wrapped up, probably sometime next week.