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Larry Ellison joins Tesla board

Tesla has added Larry Ellison and Kathleen Wilson-Thompson to its board, picking a controversial Silicon Valley luminary and a respected human resources expert to show securities regulators that it’s giving Elon Musk more oversight.

Tech’s super rich just got richer still

Technology billionaires are making a run for the top of the global wealth rankings as surges for Facebook, and Google parent Alphabet added US$5,6bn to their founders’ fortunes this week. Google co-founders

Quest for yachting speed leads Ellison to Airbus

To defend sailing’s oldest trophy, billionaire Larry Ellison’s Oracle Team USA is enlisting help from European plane maker Airbus. The pairing isn’t as unlikely as it might seem. The catamarans facing off this weekend at a preliminary

The richest tech billionaires in the world

According to the latest ranking of the world’s richest people, published on Wednesday, Bill Gates still tops the list with a fortune of $75bn, while the net worth of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has leapt higher in the past year

The world’s richest tech billionaires

Unsurprisingly, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison top the list of the richest people in technology, but did you know that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is in third place after a recent surge in the value of the online retailer’s

Rumble in the Java jungle

Larry Ellison and Larry Page, the bosses of Oracle and Google, share a name. But they clearly do not share the same view of a particular intellectual property (IP) matter. On 16 April, a jury began hearing arguments in a trial to determine whether Google’s Android operating system infringes copyrights and patents owned by Oracle. The

International newsmakers of the year

As has become customary at this time of the year, it’s time for TechCentral to name its newsmakers of the year. Last year, we published the top 10 SA newsmakers of the year. This year, we’re adding an international