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Alphabet is Google’s new parent

Google announced a significant restructuring overnight, with a new holding company, Alphabet, to hold the search engine and other assets in the technology group. Google CEO Larry Page will become Alphabet’s CEO, with Sundar Pichai to take over as CEO

The world’s richest tech billionaires

Unsurprisingly, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison top the list of the richest people in technology, but did you know that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is in third place after a recent surge in the value of the online retailer’s

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Why Julian Assange thinks Google is evil

Since the last time we were together inside his prison lodgings at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, a few things have changed. Julian Assange has grown a beard, looks more pallid and pauses when I ask after his general health. His legal team are

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The S Africans making it big in America

Most say the same thing. They came to the US either to avoid army conscription or apartheid itself in the late 1980s. They planned to stay for just a few years, but they stayed on. A quarter century later, this small generation of South African immigrants has risen to break through, en masse, into such key leadership roles that they’re changing the US. YouTube

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So long, and thanks for all the plusses

Most people outside of technology circles have never heard of Vic Gundotra. The charming, bespectacled 45-year-old with the flawless Californian accent might be mistaken for a professor or a paediatrician. Yet many of us have used one or more of the products he championed during his eight years at Google. On 24 April, Gundotra

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Tech companies confront Obama over NSA

Eight leading American technology companies have joined forces to demand changes be made to US surveillance laws, calling for current laws and practices to be reformed in light of revelations of mass surveillance of Internet users’ activities by the National Security Agency. In a letter

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Give Ballmer the credit he’s due

Investors cheered Steve Ballmer’s decision to step down as CEO of Microsoft. The share price leapt higher by more than 7% on the day of the announcement that he would leave within the next 12 months, once a successor had been identified. Most critics said that, at best

Mining asteroids: going platinum

Can reality trump art? That was the question hovering over the launch on 24 April, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, of a plan by a firm called Planetary Resources to mine metals from asteroids and bring them back to Earth. It sounds like the plot of a film by James Cameron — and, appropriately, Cameron is indeed one of the company’s backers. The team

Rumble in the Java jungle

Larry Ellison and Larry Page, the bosses of Oracle and Google, share a name. But they clearly do not share the same view of a particular intellectual property (IP) matter. On 16 April, a jury began hearing arguments in a trial to determine whether Google’s Android operating system infringes copyrights and patents owned by Oracle. The

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Partying like it’s 1999

It’s like 1999 all over again. On Monday, Facebook announced it was buying photo-sharing company Instagram for US$1bn, netting the start-up’s cofounder, Kevin Systrom, a cool $400m. It’s paying over the odds, but the deal makes sense for Facebook ahead of its flotation on the stock market. At first glance and based on the