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Nashua Mobile will close all of its operations once it has completed the sale of its subscriber base to South Africa’s mobile operators, it said on Monday. The company has promised its customers that they will continue to receive uninterrupted service after announcing that it had reached an agreement to sell most of its subscriber

The years of delays in South Africa’s migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television, caused mainly by political bungling, are starting to have a direct economic impact. South Africa was originally meant to have completed migration from analogue to digital signals in November 2011. Eighteen months later and it’s still not clear

Universal access to the Internet in South Africa is no longer being held back by high prices or a lack of education, but by government and regulatory inefficiency. Smartphones and mobile computing devices are getting cheaper and broadband far more affordable. But the spectrum needed to deliver high-speed bandwidth is still clogged

Reunert’s cellular service provider, Nashua Mobile, has reached an agreement with hotspot operator WirelessG to offer its subscribers uncapped Wi-Fi access that can be used with any of the latter’s hotspots. The service costs R39/month and is subject to a fair-use policy, where customers are throttled

Nashua Mobile, the cellular service provider in the JSE-listed Reunert group, wants to grow its prepaid customer base substantially and, in his first media interview since taking the reins on 1 October, newly appointed CEO Mark Taylor has

Would you like some insurance with your broadband bundle? Six months after TechCentral revealed in December 2011 that the company intended to get into the insurance game, Vodacom has finally provided a few details about its plans after it was awarded