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Craig Wilson
Why 3D stinks, and how to fix it

Inherent obsolescence is the perpetual problem with technology. Technological advances aside, companies need to keep bringing out new products so we’ll keep buying them. Hardware manufacturers are constantly trying to convince us

Nintendo’s 3DS is a box full of tricks

Nintendo’s handheld gaming systems face growing competition from smartphones and tablets that offer a selection of addictive games that cost less than a dollar or even nothing at all. With the Nintendo 3DS, the

3D moves E3

Motion controls and 3D will dominate your gaming experience in the years to come if the major console manufacturers have their way. Nintendo and Sony used…

ZA Tech Show: Episode 105

Jon Tullett returns to the show as your host this week, joining Brett Haggard and Duncan McLeod to discuss FNB launching PayPal in SA, the broadband price war, 3D films and games, and much more