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Intel has been trying to fill the most prominent role in the $400-billion chip industry for more than six months. The company’s board still hasn’t found what it’s looking for.

Paul Otellini, the former CEO of Intel, has died at the age of 66, the chip maker said in a statement. Otellini served as Intel’s CEO from 2005 until retiring in 2013. He handed the reins to current CEO Brian Krzanich. Otellini also served

When Stephen Elop took over at Nokia, he likened the company’s predicament to a man standing on a burning oil rig, debating whether to brave the cold sea or the flames. Nokia has since dived headlong into change – and is yet to surface. Microsoft, the company Elop left to join Nokia, is now toying with a similar plunge into

Chip-maker Intel, which has struggled historically in the mobile phone semiconductor market, last week unveiled a number of advancements across its smartphone business, including a deal with Motorola Mobility and a new handset by Lenovo based on the company’s new Intel Atom processor platform