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Regard-van-der-Berg-180Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere, and access is no longer uncommon in public spaces. Even minibus taxis will soon become Wi-Fi hotspots, with nearly 90% of taxi body Santaco’s fleet earmarked for Wi-Fi deployment over the next three years

Project Isizwe, the nonprofit founded by former Mxit CEO Alan Knott-Craig, has announced plans to expand its free Wi-Fi coverage to open public spaces in key hubs in the Western Cape. The news comes after the completion is a first phase of a free Wi-Fi roll-out in selected areas around Pretoria

The City of Tshwane has completed the first phase of its free Wi-Fi roll-out in selected public areas around Pretoria. The roll-out is part of the city’s plan to use the Internet in education and economic upliftment, according to a statement. The network is being deployed in partnership with