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The cellular industry may soon become the victim of the next wave of disruptive technology, much as this industry virtually destroyed traditional fixed-line telephony in the late 1990s. This may happen sooner than many think

The high court in Johannesburg has found that Fin24 infringed the copyright of one Moneyweb article in 2013, after copying and republishing a substantial part of an original article, and was ordered to pay damages to Moneyweb. Judge

The high court in Johannesburg has struck down allegations by business publication Moneyweb that its rival Fin24 is guilty of copyright infringement. Acting judge Daniel Berger on Thursday

The copyright battle between Moneyweb and Media24 started in the high court in Johannesburg on Thursday, with Moneyweb’s counsel explaining why it was important to protect the work of its

Two South African media companies will slug it out in the high court in Johannesburg on Thursday over claims of copyright infringement. In court papers running to hundreds of pages, business website Moneyweb, owned by Caxton, hopes

Media24 denied on Wednesday that it plagiarised seven stories by Caxton’s online business news service Moneyweb. “There is no copyright or exclusivity in news items. No copyright exists on facts, figures, names, places or even quotes in news stories,” Media24 said in a statement

Caxton’s online business news service Moneyweb is suing Fin24, the online business news service of Media24, for alleged copyright infringement, plagiarism and unlawful use of Moneyweb’s content, Beeld reported on Friday. Moneyweb, a rival of Media24