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SnapScan, the mobile payments application developed by Cape Town-based start-up FireID Payments in collaboration with Standard Bank, has introduced Bluetooth-based payments in its app, obviating the need for users to scan a QR code at the point of sale. At

Every day, around the world, billions upon billions of slips of paper are printed with legally binding information. The vast majority of these are never even looked at by the people who accept them – most are thrown away immediately. You’ve probably done so already today. I’m talking

The Foschini Group, which owns a large number of well-known retail brands, including Foschini, Totalsports and @home, has launched head first into e-commerce, allowing customers to purchase goods across all of its stores online. The idea, according to the retail group, is to offer a seamless shopping

On Friday, Cape Town will launch a pilot programme that will allow residents and visitors to the city to pay for kerbside parking in the central business district with mobile payments app SnapScan. The service will be piloted in conjunction with Street Parking Solutions, the kerbside parking marshals

There’s a revolution under way, and this one’s not being agitated by the working class, although they certainly have their part to play. It is being waged by banks, cellphone providers and entrepreneurs hoping to capitalise on a mobile commercial market that is estimated will be worth more than US$800bn by 2016 and have more than 400m users

In the past few months, South Africans have been introduced to a range of new mobile payment systems that turn ordinary smartphones into digital wallets, allowing people to pay for goods and services without cash or cards

The South African mobile payments space is hotting up with another contender entering the fray. FlickPay is the fifth mobile payments application to be launched in South Africa in recent months and, although it’s not

After a lengthy pilot project, Standard Bank has commercially launched SnapScan, a smartphone-based payments system that removes the need for consumers to carry either cash or bank cards, allowing them to make payments using only their phones. Consumers from any bank, not only

Stellenbosch’s SnapScan, whose smartphone application won MTN Business’s 2013 App of the Year award this week, is betting that consumers will take to the idea of making in-store payments using their mobile phones instead of credit or debit cards. SnapScan falls under FireID