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Econet Wireless Global unit Liquid Telecom has appointed former Vodafone Group executive Kyle Whitehill to head up South African telecommunications operator Neotel and oversee the company’s expansion plans

Liquid Telecom, a unit of Econet Wireless Global, is considering a sale of shares on a stock market after completing the R6,5bn purchase of Neotel to create the largest broadband network in Africa. “A possible listing would be very likely,” CEO Nic Rudnick

Liquid Telecom’s R6,5bn acquisition of South African telecommunications operator Neotel is done. The parties finalised the deal on Friday morning. India’s Tata Communications, which controlled Neotel, along

Fast-growing and privately held pan-African telecommunications group Liquid Telecom majority owned by Econet Global has agreed to acquire a controlling stake in Neotel for R6,55bn. The deal comes just months after Vodacom was forced

Econet Wireless Global affiliate Liquid Telecom agreed to pay R6,55bn for South African telecommunications operator Neotel, creating the continent’s largest broadband network and business-to-business phone

Telecommunications company Neotel expects regulators to approve the sale of its business to Econet-owned Liquid Telecom before the end of March 2017. India’s Tata Communications, which owns a controlling stake in Neotel, announced on Tuesday

Econet and subsea cable operator Seacom are courting Neotel with the view to a potential acquisition, it was reported on Tuesday. The news comes after Vodacom was forced to walk away from its R7bn plan to buy Neotel

India’s Tata Communications is putting on a brave face after Vodacom announced on Tuesday that it was walking away from a R7bn deal to acquire Tata’s South African subsidiary Neotel. In a letter to shareholders, Tata Communications