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Hilton Tarrant
Shoot-out: Telkom FreeMe vs Afrihost Mobile

Telkom’s FreeMe looks to be the most competitive data-focused offering in the market, especially when put next to similar packages on the three larger mobile operators. When the new packages from South Africa’s “challenger” network are

Telkom warns of LTE congestion

Telkom is experiencing congestion on some sections of its fixed-wireless 4G/LTE network in busier metropolitan areas, it said on Wednesday. It blamed an “exceptional increase” in demand in recent

Andrew Fraser
FreeMe: Telkom plays the disruption game

Disruption. Not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Telkom, a company with a reputation for acting like an anticompetitive, obstructive monopoly. But disrupt is exactly what Telkom is now doing in a market where

Telkom FreeMe vs the competition

Telkom is betting its FreeMe packages, announced on Thursday night and available from today (Monday), will shake up the South African mobile market. And, when they’re compared side by side with similar offers from rivals, it’s

Why Telkom went nuclear on mobile

Telkom has signalled it’s ready for a serious fight with its bigger rivals, this week taking the wraps off aggressively priced, 4G/LTE data-led mobile packages for both prepaid and contract customers that look set to have its bigger rivals

Editor's pick
TalkCentral: Ep 149 – ‘FreeMe, Seymour’

In the latest episode of TechCentral’s podcast, Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg chat about Telkom’s new FreeMe packages and why they’re set to shake up the telecommunications industry in South Africa. Also this week, they ask whether Telkom

Antony Seeff
Just how good are Telkom’s FreeMe plans?

On 25 July, Telkom will make its new packages, called FreeMe, available to the market. They’re innovative and they’re making waves. But are these packages right for you? FreeMe is a set of new data-centric packages offered by Telkom

Telkom detonates bomb on mobile rivals

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