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Consumers are unlikely to feel the effects of Telkom’s latest wholesale price cuts because Internet service providers (ISPs) have already cut their prices in anticipation of the reductions, industry players have told TechCentral. Telkom Wholesale on Wednesday announced various

South African digital subscriber line (DSL) subscribers reported intermittent or a complete lack of service on Friday afternoon, with fixed-line provider Telkom unsure of the reason for the widespread interruptions to service. Telkom spokesman

Telkom’s Internet service provider, Telkom Internet, will offer eligible customers who participate in trials of its next-generation broadband network a free very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL) modem. The pilot will test 20Mbit/s and 40Mbit/s speeds in selected areas in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western

Telkom has agreed to allow rival Internet service providers to participate in trials to test its speedier broadband fixed-line network. This followed criticism from the Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa), an industry body, in which it suggested that the operator’s decision to restrict the tests to its own

Once again, communications minister Dina Pule has made all the right political statements when she announced that providing connectivity to impoverished rural communities is a key priority for the department of communications. Suggesting, as she did yesterday, that it would cost as much

With Telkom doing away with its 384kbit/s fixed-line broadband plan in favour of a 1Mbit/s product, consumers look set to get better speeds without having to fork out more cash to Internet service providers (ISPs) for corresponding data packages, according to industry players. Vox Telecom co-CEO

I’d like to respond to communications minister Dina Pule’s call for a policy overhaul at this week’s information and communications (ICT) policy colloquium in Midrand. Pule should be applauded for taking action in her call for a policy review for the ICT sector, it should come as no surprise that some in the industry remain deeply sceptical

Tim Wyatt-Gunning, previously joint CEO of telecommunications company Storm and now CEO of Internet service provider Web Africa, says Telkom should be handed a hefty fine by the Competition Tribunal and that it has by no means reformed its ways as it claims. Storm was one of the companies that lodged

RSAWeb has become the latest Internet service provider to offered uncapped hosting on shared computer servers, joining the likes of MWeb and Web Africa in offering the service. The packages start at R19/month for a product offering 20 e-mail accounts and unlimited traffic

Web Africa is the latest Internet service provider to slash the cost of hosting websites in SA, introducing uncapped hosting options on shared servers starting at R19/month for 50MB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Historically, hosting websites