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Microsoft goes all-in with Xbox One

Microsoft on Tuesday night joined the next generation console battle with the announcement of its Xbox One that critics are billing as an all-in-one entertainment device rather than simply a gaming console. While Microsoft gave the world a fairly detailed look at the features and capabilities

Microsoft’s swing at motion gaming market doesn’t Kinect

Consumerisation — the use by business of technologies that were first tested in the consumer market — is one of the IT industry’s buzzwords of the moment. One technology that Microsoft hopes will soon evolve from expensive toy into essential productivity tool is the motion and voice interface featured in Kinect.

Xbox Live in SA: best of the Arcade

Xbox Live is finally set to launch in SA on 10 November, giving local Xbox 360 owners official access to the service for the first time. The Xbox Live Arcade — a veritable treasure chest of downloadable games — is one of the service’s most attractive features.

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