Author Leonid Bershidsky


Should you trust your antivirus software?

In all the recent bombshell reports about the Kaspersky anti-virus software, it’s easy to focus on the Russian threat and miss the general context: every government that employs hackers tries to weaponise antivirus software. Government


Why Uber must stop acting like a conqueror

With the British prime minister calling London’s refusal to extend Uber’s license “disproportionate”, and Uber’s chief executive heading to London to talk to regulators, a compromise is in the offing. But it shouldn’t give Uber a false


How to tackle tech giants’ growing dominance

People in the US, not just in the European Union, are finally getting worried about tech sector leaders’ market dominance and the political power it confers. Unfortunately, the solutions gaining traction are the kind of anti-monopoly


How I’m beating my smartphone addiction

Most of the research on phone addiction and deprivation is done on students. It’s not just the “kids these days”, though. At 45, I’m a recovering addict. It’s been four months since I uninstalled social networking apps, three


It’s time to write the rules of cyberwar

A new report by Bloomberg News about Russia being suspected of recently hacking a dozen US power plants, including a nuclear one, is far more serious than any possible attempt to influence an election. It could be a sign


Latest cyberattack is more than it seems

It’s almost a reflex to blame Russians for cyberattacks these days, even on the sketchiest of evidence. But such accusations certainly seem justified regarding the novel ransomware attack that has swept the world in recent days – known as


Why cash is still king in the digital age

We don’t have to like the way technology is changing the world. Given the technological disruption that’s happening everywhere, it’s reasonable to expect a little Luddite pushback. The growing share of cash in advanced economies might fall in