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We’re tackling cybersecurity all wrong

Another month, another data breach, and another set of proposals for what is seemingly an intensifying cyberattack problem.
When we examine the evidence, though, the actual expenses from the recent and high-profile breaches at Sony, Target and Home Depot

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The n00b’s guide to l33t hacking

Hacking is a state of mind. Traditionally, hackers like to discover, understand and share the secrets they expose. They like to laugh at the dumb things they find. They’re not necessarily in it for the


Why the iPhone confounds disruption theorists

Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry were all victims of disruption. During the 1990s and 2000s, they shepherded the cellphone during its period of take-off into ubiquity. Then in the last five years, they all lost their leadership positions and are now on the


Why we should fear the Apple Watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook has released the much anticipated Apple Watch, the company’s first new product since the iPad. Cook said the new watch, in addition to telling the time, was a “comprehensive health and fitness companion”. But we’re unlikely to hear much about how


The Apple Watch keynote in review

Apple’s event at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center was widely expected to focus on the release of the Apple Watch. In a move that took everyone by surprise, however, Apple also released a


It’s time to kill off the Sim card

The small microchips known as “subscriber identity modules” or Sim cards that are required for mobile phones to log on to a phone network will soon be 25 years old. While mobile phones and network technology have progressed in leaps and bounds, Sim cards are still

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What the great Sim heist means for you

Is it true spies hack technology companies? Can governments really listen to your phone calls? Should we care? The latest details of NSA and GCHQ intelligence agency activities to come from files leaked by Edward Snowden are of the apparently massive theft of mobile


Why we’re so obsessed with zombies

The zombie invasion is here. Our bookshops, cinemas and TVs are dripping with the pustulating debris of their relentless shuffle to cultural domination. A search for “zombie fiction” on Amazon currently provides you with more than 25 000 options. Barely


When crapware becomes malware

A widely disliked habit of PC vendors is their bundling of all manner of unwanted software into brand new computers – demo software, games, or part-functional trials. Faced with shrinking margins, vendors have treated this as an alternative income stream, going so far


Avoiding Vint Cerf’s ‘digital dark age’

“The Internet is forever.” So goes a saying regarding the impossibility of removing material – such as stolen photographs – permanently from the Web. Yet, paradoxically, the vast and growing digital sphere faces enormous losses. Google has been criticised

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