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And now for autonomous cargo ships

The Yara Birkeland isn’t an ordinary cargo ship. If all goes well then the vessel, currently being built for a Norwegian agricultural fertiliser company, will become the world’s first fully autonomous


Why the future is blockchain

The value of one bitcoin recently hit a record high of $3 025, a staggering rise of over 200% in value this year alone. Aswath Damodaran, professor of finance at the New York University, known as


Go on, click here to accept our T&Cs

How often do you see this when you’re online, whether downloading a new app or software or signing up for some new service? You click on it, but then discover you’ve just agreed to give up your future first-born child or


Eskom defies logic by threatening renewables

Eskom recently repeated that it will not conclude supply contracts with the developers of new renewable energy power stations. These developers were selected under a programme to facilitate private sector involvement in the

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