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In Woan debate, spectrum is a red herring

Between 1999 and 2004, Telkom’s monopoly of access to crucial international bandwidth and high-speed ADSL lines meant the company could freely charge Internet service providers excessive fees. And they did. Inevitably, this

Doelie Lessing

Why Sars might be wrong on crypto money

Cryptocurrencies, and the substantial gains that are associated with investments in them, caught the attention and interest of the world – not least of all, the taxman. Where money abounds, tax is normally to be

Hilton Tarrant

Two worrying signs in EOH’s results

It’s not just that IT services group EOH reported a 23% slump in headline earnings in the first six months of its 2018 financial year (this despite a 19% jump in revenue). It’s not that free cash flow is negative. Nor the


Facebook eulogies are premature

The job of the long-term investor is, ultimately, to distinguish whether a company’s prospects are being influenced by noise or signal, and then to understand whether the prospects are reflected in the price

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