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The Microsoft team has created a new logo for its upcoming Windows 8 operating system, and the results aren’t pretty. You might say this is Microsoft’s “Gap moment”, that uncomfortable situation in which a company chooses a new logo that takes away from its history and chooses blandness over anything striking

Intel is announcing several advances in chip technology today that show it is keeping up with the demanding pace of Moore’s Law, which predicts a doubling of semiconductor performance every two years. Formulated in 1965 by Intel chairman emeritus Gordon Moore, Moore’s Law isn’t guaranteed. But today’s announcements show that

LG Electronics at the weekend unveiled its new 5-inch device that blurs the line between phone and tablet. It’s called the Optimus Vue. Before Samsung released its Galaxy Note , the term “phablet” wasn’t in our vernacular. But since the Note measured in at 5,78 inches tall by 3,27 inches wide with a

In addition to the announcements about Apple’s next operating system Mac OS X Mountain Lion, the company rolled out a beta edition of its iMessages chat app on Thursday. Apple previously launched its iMessages for the iPhone and iPad as an answer to Research in Motion’s popular BlackBerry Messenger service

American telecoms firms are clamouring for more wireless spectrum. Hence the interest in LightSquared, a firm which had hoovered up a chunk of airwaves formerly used by satellite operators. It planned to build a high-speed terrestrial network and rent it out to others. But on 14 February, America’s

Apple has unveiled its next big cat operating system for desktops, Mac OS X “Mountain Lion”, which shares even more with iOS than its predecessor. Like OS X Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion (technically Mac OS X version 10.8) is being positioned as a minor upgrade over last year’s Lion release. For the most part

To pin or not to pin: that is not the question on Pinterest . In fact, according to data gathered by e-commerce analytics platform RJMetrics, Pinterest retains a remarkably high percentage of new users who go on to use the site at high rates and stay active on the site long after they’ve joined. Pinterest is the digital

Networking technology giant Cisco has filed an appeal with the European Union over last October’s approval of Microsoft’s US$8,5bn acquisition of Skype. Cisco, along with Italian voice-over-Internet Protocol provider Messagenet, is challenging the decision to approve the merger because the European

Muhammed Yunus, a 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of Grameen Bank, sparked a movement with the simple question: “If you are a socially conscious person, why don’t you run your business in a way that will help achieve social objectives?” Today’s young tech entrepreneurs have inherited Yunus’s vision

Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, gave a small “State of the Apple” address on Tuesday, touching on the recent accusations of poor working conditions in the factories that make Apple products. He also laid out what the iPhone has done for Apple and why cheap tablets just aren’t worth it. The conversation started