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Samsung is the dominant cellphone brand in the minds of urban consumers, according to new research by BMI-TechKnowledge. When asked what handset they would choose in the future, nearly a third of 1 500 survey respondents interviewed in metropolitan areas selected Samsung

The idea of establishing a new, open-access, wholesale-only wireless network (OAWN) in South Africa has received significant attention in recent months. Its purpose would be to stimulate greater competition in the provision

South Africa is likely to have between 692 000 and 917 500 active video-on-demand households by 2020, according to new research by BMI-TechKnowledge. The finding forms part of BMI-T’s South African Consumer Digital Lifestyle Research Programme, which surveyed

It’s a veritable feast for couch potatoes – or at least those with access to affordable and fast broadband. In the space of just a few months, almost half a dozen new video-on-demand players have been launched in South Africa, promising an alternative to satellite pay

Tshwane’s public Wi-Fi build programme is the largest of its kind in South Africa, new research has confirmed. According to data by research firm BMI-TechKnowledge, the City of Tshwane’s free Wi-Fi build programme ranks as the largest in the country. “Tshwane is the biggest in terms

According to technology consultancy BMI-TechKnowledge, the City of Tshwane now has the largest municipal public Wi-Fi network in Africa. What started as a fantasy of making Internet access a basic

Telkom is planning to spin off its large wholesale services division as a separate business, with its own brand identity, in a move that promises to shake up fixed-line telecommunications in South Africa. Though the company isn’t giving away too much yet – a detailed announcement

Government spending on information and communications technology is projected to top R15bn as pressure mounts to meet national broadband goals, a report has found. “The South Africa

Telkom will open its telecommunications exchanges to Internet service providers using an open-access model in an effort to stimulate demand for fixed-line broadband in South Africa. “To further stimulate access to broadband, we will make making around

South Africa’s telecommunications industry will grow at a compound annual rate of just 1,4% over the next five years, meaning that in real terms – adjusted for inflation – the sector is shrinking. But