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The ANC wants to incentivise mobile operators to “refarm” the spectrum they use for voice to provide broadband services in rural areas. The ruling party’s latest weekly newsletter says that without “serious intervention” SA will not

Cell C’s third-generation (3G) cellular network went live in Bloemfontein today, making the city the second in SA to benefit from the operator’s 3G offering. Bloemfontein residents hoping to start using the network will have to wait until Friday, which is when the modems will become available.

MWeb’s uncapped broadband products have hammered the margins of many local Internet service providers, says BMI-TechKnowledge director of research Brian Neilson. And some might not survive. Speaking at a BMI-T telecommunications briefing in Johannesburg on Tuesday morning, Neilson said the uncapped model, and the price war it sparked had turned broadband provision into a volumes game.

Telkom has sent its customers a newsletter with their bills this month in which it tries to rubbish the uncapped broadband offerings introduced by MWeb and other service providers. Instead, it shows how Telkom is still stuck in the past. The newsletter article — headlined “Broadband: put a cap on it!” — doesn’t once

The department of communications has defined broadband as an always-on, multimedia-capable connection able to offer download speeds of more than 256kbit/s. The definition forms a crucial part of government’s final draft broadband policy, approved by cabinet last week. Government describes the policy as “critical for SA to ensure realisation of the goal of an

Telkom will boost the speed of its broadband digital subscriber line (DSL) service in mid-August, TechCentral can reveal exclusively. According to Telkom SA MD Nombulelo Moholi, the company has had to delay implementation of the new, higher-speed service because of a network freeze imposed on it as a result of the 2010 soccer World