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“I’m in new media,” the 20-something told me when I asked her what she did. “What do you define as new media?” I asked. “You know, Twitter, Facebook, social media,” she replied. It was one of those moments in the Great Change in Media that so many of us old hands must have had when speaking

South by Southwest (SxSw, or “South By” as those in the know refer to it) is now in its 20th year of existence, and more than ever the premier gathering for those who work in the interactive, digital arena. Running from March 8 to 17, it is being held in Austin

The moustache is dead. It’s hard to believe. Naspers CEO of MIH Holdings, Antonie Roux, who I worked for and with from 1999 to around 2009, was the most livewire person I’ve ever encountered in the workplace. I can’t be more precise about dates and hierarchies because

“Twitter will ‘save’ Africa” is a good headline. But what does it mean? I’m using Twitter to stand in for social media in general, of which there are many more than the big five of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn, but what should concern

Oh, the sick, sick irony. Media organisations, the plucky little Davids in the corner of the ring, being battered by the grim Goliaths of governments trying to curtail freedom of the press, are now telling us that WikiLeaks is