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South African consumers will soon be able to quench their thirst and check their e-mail at the same time. Coca-Cola and BT Global Services have announced plans to offer free Wi-Fi Internet access in impoverished communities using Coke’s vending machines. BT – formerly British Telecom

The results of the 15th Sunday Times annual top brands survey, conducted by TNS South Africa, show that Vodacom is considered the best mobile operator and that Apple’s iPhone is the most desirable handset among South African business users. The survey looks

A piece on US technology website ZDNet earlier this month, written by columnist Steven Vaughan-Nichols, suggested that Windows 8 represents Microsoft’s “New Coke moment”. Others quickly jumped on the idea. The Financial Times led with a story on the subject, saying the fact that Microsoft

Matthew Fraser, a British-Canadian former journalist and now self-styled Web 2.0 strategist and new media expert, says that the world is living in a “reset economy” where the Internet and social media are “redefining how we manage people