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MTN is facing a storm over claims that it helped the Iranian government to spy on local subscribers and assisted the regime in its brutal crackdown on protesters in 2009 and 2010. In court papers lodged in the US last week, rival mobile operator Turkcell alleged that MTN told its Iranian military-linked partners it

The Democratic Alliance will submit a request in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act for access to copies of records relating to cellphone operator MTN’s business activities in Iran. Party MP David Maynier said on Wednesday allegations

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has raised the idea of creating R700m national venture capital fund, funded by the state, to provide investment capital to help early-stage businesses. The proposal is contained in the opposition political party’s “alternative budget”, published on Tuesday and available here

If life was like Twitter we’d all be remarkably witty, if abrupt. We’d sometimes finish sentences with an agreed upon keyword, pronounced with slightly different emphasis, and we would all vote DA

In some ways, it’s been SA’s first Internet election. On Wednesday, South Africans head to the polls to cast their votes in municipal elections. And the big parties have taken online campaigning to a new level