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It’s a short, sharp, punchy show this week, with your hosts Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson tackling everything from Steve Jobs to Telkom’s upcoming results. Highlights this week’s podcast include a look at Visa’s US$110m acquisition

Craig Wilson and Duncan McLeod are in the studio this week for a packed episode of TalkCentral, TechCentral’s business technology podcast. In episode 39, we look at Eskom’s load-shedding schedule, the appointment

When does a market go from being a “growth sector” to a bubble? As with falling in love, it’s hard to put an exact date on the event. And, just like a love affair, a bubble is marked by growing excitement, lavish spending

Tuesday’s announcement by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that it will buy Skype for a whopping US$8,5bn hasn’t been universally welcomed. Many critics are questioning the logic of the deal, with some saying

Google is not used to being last in line. For over a decade it has been the darling of both the tech world and the stock markets, raking in both users and profits in record quantities. But in the last five years the gravity of the online market

On Sunday evening, DA political strategist Ryan Coetzee held a “town hall meeting” on Twitter. It went off rather well, and the party plans to host them weekly. It’s clear social media are becoming an important new electioneering

In the early 1970s, the radical jazz-poet Gill Scott-Heron wrote: “The revolution will not be televised.” That soon became a slogan among the left-leaning movements of the time. Scott-Heron ended his poem with telling lines

We’re pretty used to hearing outlandish valuations on Internet companies that, if they were people, would be barely out of nappies. It happened during the first dot-com boom, and it’s happening again now. But news that Facebook is

When Google offers to buy your two-year-old website for as much as US$6bn, you’d have to be crazy to refuse, right? But that’s what Groupon did. A surge of rumours last week had Google opening its offer

From the start, The Social Network is a barrage of words as relentless as a Twitter stream. David Fincher’s fictionalised account of the founding of Facebook doesn’t pause for breath as it fires off its sound bites and zingers at a rate of about a zillion a minute to compress Aaron Sorkin’s dense 162-page script into a concise two-hour film.