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Internet streaming is a serious competitive threat to broadcast television in South Africa, but the technology is hamstrung by cost challenges, says an analyst. “There is no doubt that Internet streaming

The television entertainment industry in South Africa is in for significant disruption in the next 18 months. And couch potatoes look set to be the biggest beneficiaries as competition intensifies between traditional broadcasters and new Internet streaming providers

MTN has slashed the price of its video-on-demand service, called MTN FrontRow Club, by a third. The monthly fee is now R119, from R179 previously, the company said in a statement. The service works on any network, though MTN promises

Things used to be simple: a life with MultiChoice or a life without it. But South African television viewers will soon be spoilt for choice, even if some options are more appealing than others — and some a lot more

After extensive piloting, MTN South Africa has launched FrontRow Services, a video-on-demand platform that provides customers with access to movies and television shows for R179/month. MTN FrontRow Services is made up of FrontRow Club and