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Trump tears into EU over Google fine

US President Donald Trump lashed out at the European Union’s $5-billion fine against Google over its mobile phone operating system in the latest trade-related salvo fired from the White House.

Wireless speaker pioneer Sonos to list

Sonos has filed for a US initial public offering as the wireless speaker pioneer gears up to take on increasing competition from Amazon, Google and Apple. Along with rich rivals, the company warned that an escalation

Sonos is going public, but threats loom large

Sonos is going public, and Amazon looms large over the wireless speaker company’s fortunes. Sonos built itself up as a kind of digital Switzerland, allowing customers to stream music from any major service

Tech giants are stronger than Paul McCartney

The European parliament’s rejection of new copyright rules shows how difficult it is for regulators to compel the tech industry to pay for content that it uses for free. The parliament voted on Thursday to send a draft

Google also wanted to buy GitHub

Microsoft agreed to pay US$7.50-billion for GitHub earlier in June, but it wasn’t the only interested party. Google was in the running too, according to Diane Greene, head of the company’s cloud arm. “I wouldn’t

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