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State to act on set-top boxes

Government has not reached a final decision on whether to include an encryption system in state-subsidised digital television set-top boxes, despite a recent statement by the SABC that it no longer supports proposals, advanced by rival, that the boxes should include such a system

Did SABC jump gun on digital TV?

The SABC “unilaterally” decided on government policy when it announced last week that it would not support the inclusion of a conditional access or encryption system in the set-top boxes South Africans will need to access digital terrestrial television. That’s the

Intrigue as OpenView carries SABC

OpenView HD, the new free-to-air satellite service launched by sister company Platco Digital on Tuesday, is offering the SABC’s three main television channels as part of its bouquet in spite of a simmering feud with the public broadcaster. The SABC warned last month

Sunshine doesn’t rule this newsroom, chief

You don’t get a more hardened hack than Jimi Matthews, who as cameraman and journalist for international media ­organisations during South Africa’s violent transition saw more bodies than is probably good for anyone. So what does the respected Matthews, who is now ­acting group executive

Gov’t still mulling access control

Government is still reviewing its policy on access control for digital terrestrial television, the department of communications has told the Democratic Alliance in response questions the party submitted in parliament. This is despite an agreement between MultiChoice and the SABC that prohibits the public broadcaster from

And now for the sunshine news

Sunshine will soon officially move from the weather report into the news bulletins at the SABC – and there will be at least 70% of it. The SABC’s acting chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng has hit the campaign trail and is seeking the public support needed to ensure it is written into the corporation’s new

SABC tears into Platco over OpenView HD

The SABC has torn strips off new free-to-air satellite television platform Platco Digital, which plans to launch OpenView HD in mid-October, denying that it plans to carry its three television channels on the new platform. In a harshly worded statement, the SABC says

Controversy over new SABC board

The SABC will soon have new leadership as the parliamentary portfolio committee announced the final list of names to be recommended for the new board on Tuesday afternoon. But this was not without controversy as the opposition parties represented in the committee have objected to the list

Report shows shambles at SABC

The SABC was dealt a blow on Tuesday when it received a disclaimer of opinion for the 2012/2013 financial year, the worst audit opinion, from the auditor-general. A disclaimer is issued if the AG cannot form an opinion and thus declines to present an opinion on an entity’s financial statements

DA warns on SABC ‘happy news’

Democratic Alliance MP Marian Shinn on Friday said she plans to write to SABC interim chair Ellen Tshabalala asking that she intervene to stop acting chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng from implementing a policy that 70% of the broadcasters bulletins consist of “happy

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