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Young black South Africans with entrepreneurial ambitions may well find that studying computer programming or software developing provides the springboard they need to grab the eye of a venture capital funder. With an inherent bias towards

International GPS specialist Garmin has acquired South African technology company iKubu, which is developing a radar system that alerts cyclists of what’s happening around them on the road. The value of the deal has not been disclosed. The Stellenbosch-based

South African electronics developer iKubu has developed a radar for cyclists aimed at keeping them safe on the road by detecting vehicles that approach them from the rear. The project, which is funded by a crowdsourcing campaign on Dragon Innovation, will be available by December

With the high number of accidents affecting cyclists in South Africa, a new invention by a Stellenbosch-based technology company called iKubu, which alerts bike riders of what’s happening around them, is likely to be a welcome