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Sony is done working for peanuts in the hardware business. Kenichiro Yoshida, who took over as CEO in April, is set to unveil a three-year plan on Tuesday that embraces Sony’s growing reliance on income from gaming

Tokyo-based electronics maker Sony, which has staged a turnaround following a string of losses about a decade ago, increased its annual operating profit outlook to a record ¥630bn ($5.6bn) from ¥500bn for the current fiscal year to

Sony shares jumped to their highest since May 2015 after a bullish earnings report triggered analyst predictions that the electronics maker could achieve record profit this year. The Tokyo-based company rose

CEO Kazuo Hirai is showing the turnaround at Sony was no fluke. The Tokyo-based company reported preliminary operating profit of ¥285bn (US$2,6bn; R34,3bn) for the fiscal year to March 2017, 19% higher than its previous

Nintendo might have scored a hit with the explosive debut of Pokémon Go this year. On its home turf, however, Sony has quietly dispatched its rival with a popular mobile game called Fate/Grand Order. The game, based on an

The PlayStation 4 revamp is a sign that gaming consoles are moving away from a six- to seven-year life cycle, toward more frequent upgrades aimed at gamers seeking the flexibility offered by personal computers, the head of Sony’s game division said

Once upon a time, Sony was Apple. For decades, the Japanese consumer electronics giant was known for its innovation as much as Apple is today. It commercialised the transistor radio with the TR-63 and popularised the console gaming market with the PlayStation. It pioneered

There’s no other way of describing the technology: the latest ultra-high-definition (UHD) television sets look absolutely amazing. From television to cinema, the “4K” resolutions on offer represent a new frontier in entertainment. But the industry faces a big and perhaps even insurmountable

4K resolution television, which displays on-screen images four times as detailed as current-generation high-definition sets, is set to be the big emerging trend in television technology in 2013 judging by announcements at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Sony, Samsung Electronics

It is too much to expect one man single-handedly to rescue Sony, the Japanese firm which formerly made world-beating electronic products but is now almost as well-known for making losses. Even so, Kazuo Hirai, who unveiled his outlook for the company on 12 April, less than a fortnight after taking its management back into Japanese