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A conference on small and medium enterprises hosted by the department of telecommunications & postal services was thrown into disarray on Tuesday after police were called in to remove the president of one of the factions of a warring grouping of black industrialists

The man tasked with running South Africa’s digital migration project at the department of communications, Solly Mokoetle, says the Universal Service & Access Agency of South Africa has jumped the gun by launching a multibillion-rand tender before a final policy

Organisations representing both sides of the set-top box battle over encryption are celebrating cabinet’s announcement on Thursday that government-subsidised set-top boxes for digital television will contain a control system. Celebrations, however, could be premature

Consumers stand to be the biggest losers during South Africa’s migration to digital terrestrial television (DTT). As the country races to meet an international deadline to switch off analogue TV by 2015, major decisions are being made that will raise costs for consumers and

A dispute over an empowerment deal that has soured could cost South Africa a massive boost to the local set-top box manufacturing sector. At the heart of the dispute is the relationship that the National Association of Manufacturers in Electronic Components, an industry body for

It is unfortunate that, in his rush to push through a new framework for digital migration of South African television, communications minister Yunus Carrim has resorted to rewriting history, distorting facts and again pretended that the views of the black electronics

There has been a lot of debate in recent weeks about whether communications minister Yunus Carrim has done the right thing when it comes to South Africa’s new broadcasting policy. To back up a bit, perhaps we should explain what this debate means for ordinary South Africans. At present, televisions in South Africa receive

Two crucial constituencies have been ignored in communications minister Yunus Carrim’s rather ill-tempered response over the past few weeks to questions about his policy on the digital migration of South African television services. Instead of acknowledging the many deficiencies in the option being pursued by government

South Africa’s migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television looks set for yet more delays if an open letter, signed by MultiChoice, and published in weekend newspapers, is anything to go by. The letter, in the form of full-page advertisements, lays into communications minister Yunus Carrim, saying his

The stage is set for a final showdown in the protracted war between broadcasters and set-top box manufacturers over the use of encryption based on conditional access (CA) in the set-top boxes that South African consumers will need to buy to continue receiving terrestrial television