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Crowdfunding has come a long way in its short history. Today, it is even changing the way we consume. What was once a way to give a largely ready product a helping hand on its final push to market has become a means for consumers to get involved with something still on the drawing board, or simply to buy innovative new products before they’re

The story of Oculus VR is the kind of garage-to-greatness story that geeks usually love. A passionate, self-taught tinkerer barely out of his teens revives a dead technology and two years later, Facebook buys his company for US$2bn. So, why are many of the company’s earliest backers so angry? Oculus VR makes virtual reality headsets

Neil Young is angry. As he paces the stage at this year’s South By Southwest music conference he growls and spits about the cheapening of an art form, and the hollowing out of an industry by uncaring corporations. But he’s not talking about the record labels — he’s talking about MP3s. For more than a decade, Young has been

A locally developed Windows PC game, which became the first South African videogame to be listed on crowd-funding website Kickstarter, on Tuesday reached its goal of raising US$100 000, or just over R1m. Chris Bischoff, lead developer of the Stasis game from development company

A Johannesburg-based software developer, Christopher Bischoff, has become the first South African to list a videogame on Kickstarter. The classic point-and-click adventure game, Stasis, went live on the crowd-funding website two days ago and, at the time of writing, had already received

Caitlin Clerk, 24, has porcelain-white skin, big grey-green eyes framed by long lashes and dark, flowing hair. She extends a slender, soft arm in greeting. Her voice has a melodic timbre to it. As she settles next to a piano and sight-sings tunes for an upcoming stage show, it’s easy to see she’s a performer

A slew of surveys have shown that many young people do not bother with wristwatches, using their cellphones to keep time instead. When Mintel, an industry analyst, surveyed Britons in 2010, it found 28% of 15 to 24-year-olds had no use for a wristwatch. Another survey, by YouGov, found that

A month ago, South African billionaire Mark Shuttleworth launched an ambitious project, through his company Canonical, to raise US$32m in a month in order to build a smartphone, the Ubuntu Edge, that would act as both a mobile phone and a portable desktop computer powered by the Ubuntu

Tourism Radio has turned to US crowd-funding website Kickstarter in an effort to raise £35 000 (R530 000) to fund the development of travel guides for Google Glass. Based in Cape Town, Tourism Radio was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Mark Allewell. The