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Comcast has jumped into the fray for Sky, challenging Rupert Murdoch’s 21 Century Fox and Walt Disney Co with a cash offer valuing the business at £22.1bn and opening the possibility of a bidding contest

A few years ago, Google regularly traded barbs with major news publishers in public. Today, Google is rewiring its search engine to appease them. The company is scrapping a contentious search result rule for subscription news sites and

Just over a year ago I asked whether Facebook was really worth US$50bn. On Thursday I got my answer: no, it’s worth more like $100bn. After years of flirting with the market, Facebook has finally opened its kimono and started the process of offering its shares for public trading. On 1 February

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. For months the tech press has swirled with persistent rumours that News Corp is selling MySpace. On Tuesday it emerged that serious bids for the ailing social network are now as low as US$30m

While other mainstream media have undergone radical change due to the Internet, television has remained relatively immune to its influences — until now