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Quentin Tarantino has secured his place in popular culture by reaching into neglected corners of cinema for genres that are ready for reinvention and rediscovery. This approach saw the motor-mouth filmmaker bring postmodern panache to the

Hollywood has broken two very different records this holiday season. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has become the first movie to reach US$1bn in gross sales in just 12 days. This beats the previous record set by Jurassic World, which had the added benefit

Can a genre film make a serious point? Quentin Tarantino thinks so and he doesn’t care if anyone disagrees. His latest film, Django Unchained, is a taboo-smashing exercise in excess that entertains for nearly every minute of its running time, besides those where it shocks and appals. It is a film designed

Reservoir Dogs, released 20 years ago in the US this month, blindsided almost everyone who saw it when it first came out with its fragmented storytelling, its juxtaposition of jaunty pop music and bracing violence, and its rat-tat-tat dialogue. That it feels almost conventional today is just a reflection of how influential

There are few guilty pleasures as satisfying as a new film from Robert Rodriguez, especially when the director is on top form. Like takeaway hamburgers, his movies are deliciously excessive, mostly interchangeable, and leave you feeling somewhat queasy after you’ve consumed them.