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China’s digital pay-television company StarTimes walked away the winner on Tuesday in the TopTV takeover saga, although at least one of the losing consortiums is considering challenging the legality of the deal. Government will be the biggest loser with losses over R1bn. The meeting

For many people, satellites are synonymous with television broadcasting. But they’re also gaining popularity as a means of delivering broadband. For emerging markets, like those in Africa, where terrestrial broadband solutions could take years to become ubiquitous, satellite is the only viable option. Ibrahima Guimba-Saidou, GM for Africa

Korean eletronics giant Samsung will begin selling television sets in selected African markets that come bundled with a satellite tuner that will allow consumers to watch a free television bouquet of more than 60 channels provided by satellite operator SES. The LED-backlit LCD flat-panel TVs, known as the Samsung LED TV Free Satellite

Just as undersea and terrestrial fibre connectivity is booming around and in Africa, an explosion in satellite capacity serving the region is also under way. The “dark continent” is getting connected to the global village. This week’s annual Satcom conference

For the past seven years, Latin America has enjoyed a boom in demand for satellite connectivity. Now SES, the world’s second largest satellite operator, predicts a similar explosion in demand will happen in Africa in the next few years. Scott Sprague

Europe’s SES group, which operates a worldwide fleet of more than 40 communications satellites, is establishing a bigger presence in SA ahead of the launch later this year of a new, high-capacity satellite