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French carrier Wi-Fi specialist Nomosphere, part of the Nomotech Group, has announced plans to expand in South Africa. It will open a subsidiary in Johannesburg, its first office outside France, as it looks to take advantage of an expected boom in Wi-Fi demand in Africa. Wireless Access

South Africa’s wealthy Oppenheimer family is investing in the country’s technology sector. E Oppenheimer & Son has become an investor in a venture capital fund run by Cape Town’s 4Di Capital. The Oppenheimer investment – the value is not being disclosed – will

In its framework for the licensing of high demand spectrum, published last week, the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) says it intends to reserve a portion of the 2,6GHz band for a “managed spectrum park”. The idea, it seems, is to make spectrum

The National Planning Commission’s National Development Plan, released last week, makes several proposals for growing the information and communications technology industry, one of the most interesting of which is that the country should allow companies to

Founded in 2010, Cape Town-based start-up TrustFabric wants to give consumers control over how businesses are allowed to contact them, while letting businesses keep their customer databases up to date. Under the Consumer Protection Act

National Wi-Fi hotspot provider Skyrove has inked a deal with US Internet telephony company Skype that will allow consumers to use their Skype credit to buy wireless Internet access. Skyrove MD Henk Kleynhans says

Skyrove, a specialist wireless hotspot company, plans to launch an audacious bid for national radio frequency spectrum and, if it gets it, it plans to build a network to take on the country’s incumbent mobile operators. The company, run by CEO Henk Kleynhans, plans to participate in an auction for national radio frequency in the 2,6GHz ba