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The worldwide debate about zero rating and network neutrality has brought the issue of affordable Internet access into sharp relief. I recently came back from the Internet Governance Forum

Dimension Data Middle East and Africa chairman and Convergence Partners founder Andile Ngcaba has been named to a top international panel on which he will contribute ideas on the future of Internet governance, alongside Internet luminaries such as Google vice-president Vint Cerf

The South African iteration of Google’s Big Tent event, which brings together leaders in business, technology and politics to exchange ideas on the intersection between the Internet on society, took place in Midrand on Thursday. It featured communications minister

The future will be about getting more people online, sometimes in unexpected ways, about technology that interacts without our physiology, about reevaluating how education works, and about expanding our existing communications networks beyond our own planet

We suspend our usual podcast programming this week to bring you a special edition of TalkCentral, featuring one of the pioneers of the Internet, Vint Cerf, who currently serves as Google’s chief Internet evangelist. Cerf, who was speaking to an audience at an event

Google vice-president and chief Internet evangelist Vint Cerf believes regulators need to look more seriously at spectrum sharing and that an open Internet and ‘Net neutrality are crucial for innovation. Cerf, who is widely regarded as one of the fathers of the Internet, says that regulators