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This was unexpected. Walking on Water Television, one of four new companies offered licences eight years ago to launch subscription television services, is finally getting ready to come to market

Two weeks ago, Icasa provisionally awarded licences to five new subscription television broadcasters. It hopes the move will help crack open what has become a highly concentrated market that is now thoroughly dominated by one operator, MultiChoice. The communications regulator will be hoping that it is more successful in this

Episode 5 of SA’s business technology podcast, TalkCentral, is good to go. This week, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Candice Jones talk about Cell C’s dramatic overhaul, looking at its bold new branding strategy and its plans to build a powerful new network. We also talk about the apparent demise of Super 5 Media and the launch plans of Walking On Water Television, the increased bandwidth on the East African Submarine System cable, the changes to Nokia’s online music store.

South Africans’ last hope for more competition in the country’s pay-TV market, Walking On Water Television (WowTV), is gearing up to launch a satellite TV service within the next couple of months. TechCentral can reveal that WowTV plans to launch two bouquets of channels, one costing R49/month and the other R99/month. The low prices suggest the company is hoping to appeal to a broad market.