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Dina Pule’s former spin doctor, Wisani Ngobeni, has lost a labour court bid to save his government job, the Sunday Times reported. Ngobeni, a former journalist, was Pule’s spokesman when she was communications minister. He was fired by the department on 27 June after being found guilty in a disciplinary

The department of communications is “outraged” by a press ombudsman ruling that cleared the Sunday Times of violations of the South African press code and will appeal the decision, communications minister Dina Pule’s spin doctor, Wisani Ngobeni, said on Monday. On Saturday, press ombudsman

The Sunday Times should not allow itself to be used by politicians and opposition parties, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) said on Wednesday. “[The CWU] in general is appalled by [the] Sunday Times newspaper editor and its investigative journalists in their tabloid reporting towards

Communications ministry spokesman Wisani Ngobeni has claimed that his house has been burgled because of his role in the department. The landlord at his home in Bloemfontein alerted him about the burglary earlier in the day, he said. “My landlord called and

The department of communications has asked Times Media Group’s public editor to look into alleged unethical conduct by Sunday Times editor Phylicia Oppelt. The editor should also look into Oppelt’s “personal attack” on communications minister Dina Pule, her spokesman, Wisani Ngobeni, City Press editor Ferial

The Press Council has said it is unable to consider a complaint by communications minister Dina Pula’s spokesman, former journalist Wisani Ngobeni, against Sunday Times editor Phylicia Oppelt. Its reasons are intriguing, and worth closer scrutiny, particularly when one keeps in mind the claim that the self-regulatory

The Press Council of South Africa has “expressed concern” at what it has called the “abuse of its readers’ complaints system” by Dina Pule’s new spin doctor, Wisani Ngobeni. On Monday evening, Ngobeni issued a media statement in which he decried the decision of the Press Council not to investigate what he alleges is

The Press Council of South Africa has told the department of communications that it can’t investigate a complaint of unethical conduct by Sunday Times reporters, a spokesman said on Monday. The council had said it had “no powers” to investigate, department spokesman Wisani Ngobeni said

The department of communications, which recently appointed a new spin doctor in the form of Wisani Ngobeni to manage the growing fall-out over allegations of nepotism and corruption against its minister, Dina Pule, has again gone on the attack against the Sunday Times. At the weekend, Ngobeni

The department of communications on Monday went on the offensive against the Sunday Times, accusing the newspaper of “peddling slander and salacious rumours” in a “desperate attempt to convict” the minister “in the court of public opinion”. The department’s newly appointed spin doctor, Wisani Ngobeni