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Lenovo’s troubles may be far from over

In four years, Lenovo Group went from would-be Apple challenger to an also-ran in smartphones and data centre servers. Now it’s got a comeback plan, but some investors don’t buy it. China’s erstwhile tech darling

Lenovo feels the pain as big bets go wrong

Lenovo Group, which breathed new life into IBM’s PC business, bet that it could do the same with mobile phones and data centres. Now, it’s beginning to look like that gamble is dragging the Chinese manufacturer in the wrong

Lenovo posts surprise loss as PC sales tank

Lenovo Group posted a surprise quarterly loss after losing its grip on the global PC market, while its smartphone unit continues to bleed money. China’s largest PC maker reported a net loss of US$72m in the three months

Lenovo comes up short on smartphones

Lenovo’s mobile phone business continues to shrink, while its PC division managed anaemic growth in the face of brutal holiday-season competition. The world’s largest PC maker’s profit plummeted more

Lenovo to redouble efforts on smartphones

Lenovo expects its loss-making smartphone business to turn a corner next financial year as it shifts toward higher-end devices and ramps up marketing in the US and China. The world’s largest PC maker

Duncan McLeod
Why Lenovo might buy BlackBerry

The share price of BlackBerry, the long-suffering smartphone manufacturer until recently known as Research in Motion, leapt higher on Monday on renewed speculation that China’s biggest PC maker, Lenovo, could make a play for the company. BlackBerry’s share price shot

End of Wintel era signals new approach

Computer companies are freeing themselves of the “Wintel” (Microsoft-Intel) paradigm that dominated the industry for the past 30 years and, in the process, are opening up opportunities for new product