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Music streaming is a hit for record labels

Long a symbol of Internet-era value destruction, the music industry has scratched and clawed its way to an impressive milestone: an estimated 100m people now have streaming music subscriptions that they pay for each month. That’s more than

YouTube needs to become a TV star

Susan Wojcicki will forever be part of Google’s history. The company literally started in her home and garage, which she rented in 1998 to two graduate students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Now in her third decade at Google and entering her fourth year as YouTube’s

YouTube says it’s a friend to the music biz

YouTube, defending itself from attacks by record labels and artists, said it passed on more than US$1bn in sales to the music business in the past 12 months. “YouTube has paid out over $1bn to the music industry from advertising alone

6 reasons Google should buy Twitter

Talk of a Twitter buyout has been rampant in recent days, with companies including, Walt Disney and Google all reported to be considering bids. While the search giant hasn’t officially confirmed its interest, analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald & Co say Google’s

YouTube SA’s gateway to streaming services

The television landscape in South Africa has seen a shift in recent months with the launch of streaming content and video-on-demand services, says a local expert. While the launch of streaming content has not had a major impact on traditional forms

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YouTube Red takes on Netflix

How much would you pay to use YouTube? It’s a serious question. What if YouTube removed all those adverts? What if it offered exclusive content? Google, which owns YouTube, may soon have definitive answers to those questions. In late October last year, Google launched YouTube Red

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Why undermining encryption is an awful idea

Western governments, notably the UK and the US, are pushing the software industry to open “backdoors” into our encrypted communications. The argument touted by government agencies for nearly 20 years is that terrorists use strong encryption to hide their communications, therefore we should ban strong

SA firm offers access to world’s TV

Bored with South African television? Future TV, a start-up founded by Johannesburg IT businessman Steven Cohen, wants to give local couch potatoes access to the world’s streaming services without the hassle of having to jump through technical hoops to do it

The year that changed television forever

“The end of television” is a headline that’s been liberally thrown around for the past 15 years. Indeed, the past year saw audiences becoming more and more amenable to adopting new ways to watch TV shows, with live audiences for broadcast and cable programmes declining sharply

Offline YouTube launched in SA

Google announced on Wednesday that it’s introducing offline playback of YouTube in four new markets, namely South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria. The feature allows users of the YouTube mobile app to watch later during periods of low or no Internet connectivity