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So, president Jacob Zuma has finally fired the feckless Dina Pule and South Africa has yet another communications minister, Yunus Carrim, the seventh person to hold the portfolio since 1994. Will he be any better than his predecessors? That’s hard to know. But the fact that he’s a card-carrying member

In this episode of TalkCentral, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson dive into the big technology stories of the past week. And the story that dominated the news this week, of course, was the sacking of communications minister Dina Pule. We look at the new minister, Yunus Carrim, and

Since Yunus Carrim’s appointment as new communications minister this week, people have been asking him: “What the hell do you know about this area?” He then reminds them that he trained as a journalist. In addition to completing a BA honours and master’s degree in sociology at

There is a long list of issues newly appointed communications minister Yunus Carrim needs to address with urgency if South Africa is to become the information and communications technology (ICT) leader on the continent, and create the jobs South Africa needs to eradicate poverty and unemployment

Urgent measures will be introduced to turn around South Africa’s information and communication sector, newly appointed communications minister Yunus Carrim said on Wednesday. Speaking after being sworn in in Pretoria, he said the performance and management of state entities, particularly the

Former communications minister Dina Pule faces two investigations into her conduct and allegations of nepotism and corruption and, despite having been relieved of her position on Tuesday by president Jacob Zuma, both investigations appear set to proceed

Democratic Alliance MP Marian Shinn says fired communications minister Dina Pule won’t be missed by the technology sector, but the communist sympathies of her successor, Yunus Carrim, could prove problematic in a sector that thrives on openness and liberalisation. It could

Yunus Carrim, a former journalist and academic with strong struggle credentials, has replaced Dina Pule as minister of communications with immediate effect. President Jacob Zuma made the announcement at a broad cabinet reshuffle on Tuesday. For the past four years, Carrim has held