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Data centre modernisation: A primer with First Technology and Dell

Watch this informative webinar hosted by First Technology, a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner, and hear more about how to transform IT infrastructure to capitalise on the flexibility, scalability and performance of private and hybrid clouds.

A growing number of business now see cloud as key to successful digital initiatives. But making this transition from a traditional infrastructure base can create almost as many challenges as it solves. Organisations typically have a complex mix of compute, storage and network resources that have evolved over time. And a workable path towards a virtualised and software-defined infrastructure isn’t always clear.

In this webinar, hear from experts how Dell Technologies and VMware can help you modernise your data centre by bringing together previously isolated infrastructure silos so you can manage them as a single entity, and bring cloud-like capabilities back to an on-premises environment. By combining these once disparate elements into a holistic, software-defined and integrated platform, you realise a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reducing complexity
  • Controlling costs
  • Increasing agility
  • Being cloud ready

Watch the webinar:

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