Author: Delano Stockhoff

About a year ago, after a lengthy and tiresome setup process, I became a paying subscriber to Spotify, the world’s biggest music streaming service which has still not been launched in South Africa. It was immediately apparent to me that streaming was going to change the way we listen to music, and was here

The Surface is Microsoft’s long-awaited tablet. It’s sold as a “do-everything device”, a laptop when you need to get real work done and a tablet when you want to use it more casually. It’s supposed to mark a new era for Microsoft: making and designing its own products. But is it any good? First

South African Apple distributor Core Group has said it will begin selling the Apple TV set-top box from this Friday, at a recommended retail price of R1 099. The move comes just weeks after Apple began offering a limited selection of movies in the South African iTunes Store. The

At a glance, Apple’s iPad mini is simply a smaller, cheaper iPad 2. But to think of the iPad mini as some kind of secondary player to the bigger version is a mistake because this isn’t really a step down from its bigger cousin. In many ways, it’s an improvement on the 9,7-inch slate. The design of

At Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference this year, Apple ditched its massive 17-inch MacBook Pro for this: the all-new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. It’s a pixel-dense, fire-breathing, knee-knocking, man-eating machine! According to Apple, it’s “as light as Air”, but this