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The Economist recently commented on the US$12,5bn bid by Google to acquire Motorola Mobility, the search giant’s biggest-ever deal. The magazine noted that the attraction for Google is not principally Motorola’s 19 000 employees, or even its 11% share of the US

The patent wars in the technology industry are intensifying. Google’s proposed US$12,5bn acquisition of Motorola Mobility is regarded as a defensive move by the search giant to buy up a patent portfolio to protect itself from companies like Apple that are

In my previous column for TechCentral, I mentioned how Anton Rupert used to register his trademarks — and do so on his own — even when his business empire was still a start-up. Rupert recognised the importance of protecting his trademarks. He ultimately made sure that the Remgro group spent

There are many different challenges and difficulties facing a start-up business, ranging from cash flows to marketing to protection. This column, the first in a series, deals with the importance of protecting one’s intellectual property (IP).