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On TalkCentral this week, Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg chat about the launch of streaming music giant Spotify in South Africa and what it means for local music lovers. Also this week, they discuss EOH’s share

ICT industry veteran Brian Seligmann was killed in a freak accident on Sunday. Seligmann, who was an early pioneer of Apple computers in South Africa, apparently died after being electrocuted while mowing the lawn outside

EvoNet, a new company formed out of the Crystal Web stable and backed by well-known ICT industry veterans Shaun Kaplan and Brian Seligmann, will soon come to market, promising high-speed fixed-wireless and fibre infrastructure

Vumatel, the telecommunications start-up challenging Telkom’s dominance of fixed-line broadband in some of Johannesburg’s upmarket suburbs, has announced it is expanding its network to five new areas

The world’s biggest technology company, Apple, has quietly established a South African office and now appears set to grow its presence in the local market. It’s the first time the company has had